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Did you know most wines on the market contain harmful chemicals, additives and are highly processed? Low alcohol, organic, biodynamic or natural wines make an ideal wine choice, these are not just good at maximizing the health benefits of wine but also minimize any unwanted effects. The majority of our collection of wines is biodynamic/ organic and sustainable and/or natural.

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What Does Biodynamic Mean?

Essentially, biodynamic is the holistic view of agriculture. The concept behind Biodynamic is that everything in the universe is interconnected or emanates a resonance or ‘vibe’. Biodynamic viticulture is finding a balance of vibes between the wine, the man, the earth and the stars.

Biodynamic Agriculture is Almost a Century Old

The biodynamic farming approach is from the 1920s and it also shares some similarities with organic farming like sustainable development, respecting nature and its limits, and excluding chemical use. It’s a holistic, homoepathic way of farming that of course, also involves viticulture.

Is Biodynamic Wine the Same as Organic Wine?

No, both are similar in a way that both follow the same practice of not using chemicals. To make it simple, organic wine is made with organic grapes, while biodynamic farming considers other factors when farming such as the lunar calendar and astrology.

What Does Make Wine Biodynamic?

Biodynamic takes place in the vineyard before winemaking even happens. Multiple tasks such as planting, pruning, harvesting are actioned by a special biodynamic calendar. The calendar was created by Maria Thun, the high priestess of Biodynamics and who divided days into four categories: Root, Fruit, Flower, and Leaf days. Each biodynamic calendar day coincides with one of the four classical elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

  • Fruit days are the best days for harvesting grapes.
  • Root days are perfect for pruning.
  • Flower days – leave the vineyard alone on these days.
  • Leaf days are ideal for watering plants.

Besides the biodynamic calendar, no chemicals or manufactured additions are allowed in biodynamic wine.

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