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Explore our wide range of remarkable wines from Italy and Portugal. Buy wine online in the UK from Good Earth Shop to host a party or to please the special someone in your life. If you’d like to enjoy organic wine or vegan wine, Good Earth Shop is the best online wine store in the UK with a hand-selected range of wines available from classic regions, Italy and Portugal as well.

Best Wine Online for Every Budget

Wine plays a significant part of any meal, that’s why Good Earth Shop brings you award-winning bottles of the best wine to your dining table. Discover our amazing collection of wines and buy wine online to be delivered directly to your door, our prices start from only £8.99. We are confident that any bottle of wine that you choose from our range will compliment your evening perfectly.

Health Benefits of Wine as Per Science

Wine has always been a great topic of research and studies in science over the many decades and is often found to be a great elixir with many health benefits. Here are some reasons that might urge you to have a glass of wine. 

  1. A Glass of Wine Supports Longevity of Life.
  2. A Glass of Wine Keeps Your Heart Healthy.
  3. A Glass of Wine could Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.
  4. A Glass of Wine can Help Fight Depression.
  5. Antioxidants & Polyphenols are Essentials for Healthy Skin and both are found in wine.
  6. A Glass of Wine can Help Prevent Obesity.
  7. A Glass of Wine can Help Develop Immunity to Fight Against 200+ Viruses.
  8. A Glass of Wine Strengthens The Bones.
  9. A Glass of Wine can Protect Our Teeth Against Dental Plaque.
  10. A Glass of Wine can Improve Eyesight.


Discover the best online wine store in the UK and buy a bottle of wine for you. You can narrow down your choice of wine accordingly whether you prefer red, white, pink or sparkling or vegan and organic. Happy Exploring.

General question usually asked about a wine: Why Wine is Not Vegan?

Vegan wine is made in the same way as a normal wine ie. using the same grapes, but the difference is in the fining process. This is where the wine is clarified. Vegan wines available at Good Earth Shop are not refined with animal-derived substances.

Explore our collection of vegan wine and order a bottle for you today.

Finest Wine Collection in the UK for Christmas

How are your Christmas dinner preparations coming along? Have you ordered the wine already or still waiting? Why not get ahead and order a couple of bottles from the finest wine collection in the UK. At Good Earth Shop, we have a great selection of wines suitable for all tastes whether you like sparkling or still wine or vegan wine or organic wine.

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