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At Good Earth, you would love to explore a huge variety of quality wines including white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, and rose wine. Whites from our collection are incredibly refreshing, flavourful and timeless. White wines come in a wider diversity of styles than red wines.

What is White Wine?

A clear, pale golden colour white wine is usually made with lighter coloured grape varieties or red/ purple varieties. White wine is fermented at a cooler temperature with minimal skin and stem contact giving it a clear colour and low tannin content. These wines are made in all wine regions from France to Argentina.

How is White Wine Made?

Either white or red wine grapes can be used to make white wines. The reason why red wine grapes can be used is that the grape skin is removed when the fermentation process takes place.

A winemaker must use freshly harvested grapes, then presses the juice out of them, ferment that juice using yeast, lets it mature, and then pack the wine in a bottle. The steps for making white wine and red wine are almost the same, but with one exception. In red wine, the juice is fermented with the skins and seeds of grapes, while in the white wine, the juice is squeezed and the grapes’ skin and seeds are removed before being fermented.

What are the Types of White Wine?

You can find a lot of varieties in white wine. Some of the most popular varieties of whites: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio/ Pinot Gris, Chenin Blanc, Muscat, Muscadet, Sauvignon blanc, and others. There’s a white for every taste and budget.

What are the Styles of White Wine?

  1. Dry (0-00): Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio
  2. Off-Dry (1-2): Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc
  3. Medium (3-4): Gewurztraminer, Moscato, Muscat, Reisling
  4. Sweet (5-6): Sauternes
  5. Very Sweet (7+): Ice Wine

Best Foods To Eat with White Wine

As a rule of thumb, White wine tastes best with lighter flavours. Poultry is the easiest pairing you can make with white wine. Whites also pair well with seafood, shrimp, crab, lobster and fish are some perfect picks. Appetizers and salads make an ideal companion for your glass of white. Any light wine pairs best with light tastes, particularly Chardonnay.

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