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Here at Good Earth, we offer you a selection of delightful and delicious products. From compotes and sweet spreads, ketchup and condiments, seasonings and spices, preserved vegetables and vegetable spreads, seasonings and spices, we’ve got you covered. Browse our quality collection and pick your favourites!

Compotes and Sweet Spreads

Compote is a kind of fruit spread made with whole fruit or chunks of fruit combined with sugar syrup. Whether compote or sweet spreads, tasty fruit spreads can add sweet or savoury flavour to different meals and snacks. It is slowly cooked to create its signature flavour. Compotes or sweet spreads are relatively similar, you can substitute one for another as it will not affect the taste.

Ketchup and Condiments

Ketchup is a sauce, made chiefly from tomatoes and vinegar. Ketchup and Condiments are used to help enhance the flavour of the food it is added to. They also add moisture and visual appeal to the dish.

Preserved Vegetables and Vegetable Spreads

Vegetable spreads are a great way to preserve vegetables from the garden and enjoy the taste of summer when the cold weather arrives. It’s a combination of different vegetables such as roasted eggplants, roasted peppers, fresh tomato juice or paste, onions, and other vegetables.

Seasonings and Spices

A staple condiment for all kitchens! Seasoning and spices can dramatically improve or add a unique flavour to any dish and make it more interesting.

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