Our Chairman, the founder and CEO of GoodEarth Mr Sunil Poduval is a Computer Scientist by training. He started his career in Birmingham, at the Research and Development labs of Fulcrum Communications, British Telecom. He was then head hunted to work in Alcatel Telecom which at that time was the worlds largest Telecoms company. Based in Banbury he worked with the Research and Development labs in Milan, Italy as well as Antwerp, Belgium on developing wireless technology for Digital Microwave Radios. Soon after that he was head hunted by a Silicon Valley start-up called P-Com which went public with an IPO in 1995. Here he was involved in the Research & Development and Marketing of spectrally efficient digital microwave technologies to service the then new cellular operators like Orange and Mercury one2one. Sunil and his team then were involved with the largest rollout of cellular technology in the United Kingdom.

Soon after he started his own Technology company called Fresnel Wireless Systems which was based in Knowle, Solihull in England with Research and Development in Milan in Italy and Melbourne Florida. The manufacturing base was still in Milan Italy. 

During all his travels he discovered his passion for food and wine and became an Aficionado and dreamt that one day he could retire from technology and indulge in his passion of food and wine. 

The sad demise of Steve Jobs – The Apple Founder on the 11th of October 2011 was a wake up call for him. He always understood that in Technology ‘Todays Innovation is tomorrows Museum Piece’. It’s a relentless race to be the best on the cutting edge. This can have a serious effect on your health and lifestyle. Sadly, that took away the gifted Steve Jobs away from us all with pancreatic cancer at a young age of 56 years. 

Technology has its benefits but it also has its tolls. Steve Jobs was one of Sunil’s lifelong heroes. This came as a shock to him and affected him deeply. 

So he decided to pursue a plan of getting involved with his lifelong passion for Food and Wine. However, being a scientist and a food and wine connoisseur he wanted to marry food with technology and basic human ethics. As a strong devotee of Carbon Sequestration he decided to create a company which was not just environmentally friendly but environmentally responsible.

The basic premise was to introduce good quality produce, working closely with environmentally responsible companies which already have a negative carbon footprint or have processes and procedures in place to be carbon negative and have a real impact on climate change.

This is not just about eliminating single use plastics but also about using recycled packaging and using environmentally responsible production techniques to reduce the carbon footprint. Hence GoodEarth was born. 

There is an age old native American saying - We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. This has the deepest meaning of needing to protect this Earth for our future generations.