Spice Pots Indian Cookbook - 80 inspiring recipes

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Our Spice Pots 150-page Indian Cookbook will inspire you to cook many different but simple Indian-inspired dishes. Paired with Spice Pots, you can have consistent restaurant quality curry on your table in no time.

Our focus is on easy meals to cook using basic ingredients, most of which are very quick. Our recipe book also contains slow cooker recipes, soups, starters and desserts.

The majority of our recipes are for simple dinner ideas which are gluten free, family friendly and will please meat lovers and vegans alike. 

If you are looking for dinner ideas for tonight, then Spice Pots is for you! Our curry powder can be used to make big pots of curry, used as seasoning in soups, salads and samosas or added to yoghurt or oil to use as marinades for the bbq and grill.  We also have a Sweet Spice Blend to add to baking and desserts which makes a great alternative to cinnamon.

Please note that all the recipes contained in the book are also available online, but we know that some of you prefer to cook from a cookbook rather than a screen!

This book can only be used with Spice Pots!

Spice Pots blends which you can purchase to accompany our cookbook include mild Korma curry powder, medium Bhuna curry powder, medium Tandoori Masala curry powder, and hot Goan curry powder and our Sweet Blend for puddings and desserts.   

Make award winning Goan Fish Curry, Lamb Bhuna, Spiced Potato Salad, Easy Satay Sauce and many more!

  • Contains Gluten Free Recipes which contain No Sugar, No Salt, No Nuts and
  • Some recipes are suitable for Vegans
  • Our tomato-based curries can be used as part of a healthy diet for weight loss

How to use Spice Pots with your new Indian Cookbook

  • Step 1: Cook onions, ginger and garlic
  • Step 2: Add Spice Pots spice, then add tomatoes, coconut milk or stock
  • Step 3: Add meat, fish, vegetable or pulses
  • Step 4: Enjoy a delicious, healthy curry with family or friends!

Spice Pots are 100% natural, premium blended Indian spices for consistently good homemade curry every time. Using our clever shortcuts and simple recipes youll be cooking crowd pleasing curries in no time!

Pair this Indian recipe book with our Spice Pots or  Spice Gift Set for a fabulous foodies gift. Our Luxury Indian Spice Tin Gift Set also contains our cookbook.

We hope that you will enjoy creating the many different dishes possible with Spice Pots.

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