Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water 8 x 500ml

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Just like our Indian tonic water, our skinny tonic is the ideal soft drink for those watching their weight.

With less sugar than a regular tonic, this zesty and rewarding low calorie tonic is satisfying enough to drink alone but also rounds out the flavour of white spirits like gin and vodka superbly. With pink grapefruit bringing piquancy to the first taste and juniper berry balancing quinine's crispness with a rounded aftertaste there's nothing skinny about this slimline mixer.


Subtle with a dry finish

Tasting notes

Same recipe as our Indian Tonic but with less added sugars. Slightly dryer aroma, also with a hint of juniper berry and grapefruit.

Perfect Serves

- Gin: 50ml Herbal Gin. Top with Double Dutch Skinny Tonic water Garnish with lemon zest and rosemary.

- Sloe Gin: 50ml Sloe Gin. Top with Double Dutch Skinny Tonic water Garnish with grapefruit zest.

- Tequila: 50ml Tequila. Top with Double Dutch Skinny Tonic water Juice of half a lemon Garnish with grapefruit zest and mint.


Carbonated water, natural flavourings, acid: citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, quinine, fructose.

Nutrition Facts

Energy: 21Kcal/91kJ Fat: <0.1g Saturates: <0.1g Carbohydrates: 4.6g Protein: <0.1g Salt: <0.1g.

Shelf Life 18 Months

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