La Cantina Pizzolato Raboso DOC Piave

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Raboso is a wine of ancient origins, whose name many historians claim derives from the homonymous tributary of the Piave river. This vine has been present in Italy since before the advent of Rome, Pliny the Elder spoke of it in his Naturalis Historia and described it as a wine more "pitch black". Today it refers to his being "Rabbioso", given by his marked acidity. The Raboso Piave is a native vine whose cultivation extends along the banks of the Piave river, It was for a long time considered a "rustic" and resistant vine so as to have managed to easily overcome the spread of grape phylloxera at the end of the nineteenth century; the maturation is late and its harvest, in our organic vineyards, takes place in the period between late October and November: the result is an excellent aging wine.

Vinification: Classic vinification for around 85% of grapes while the remaining, around 15% of the grapes, is dried for about 90 days. The wine assembled makes a passage in oak barrels and in barriques. Raboso to obtain the designation of origin "PIAVE" must be marketed after at least 2 years.

Alcohol: 13% vol

Colour: Deep ruby with a slight tinge grenade.

Aroma: Remembers berries, blackberry, plum jam with spicy notes of liquorice, pepper and tobacco.

Taste: Powerful, typically acidic, full bodied and of great flavour.

Food pairing: A wine for enthusiasts, with a high acidity that only aging can soften. Long-lived wine. Perfect with typical Venetian meals.

Serving temperature: 18-20 degrees C

Size: 750ml

Awards: Year 2014 - Diploma di Merito at Enoconegliano 2017, Bronze Medal at IWSC International Wine&Spirits Competition 2017, Silver Medal at AWC Vienna 2017; Year 2015 Golden Medal 85/100 at Mostra dei vini of Cimadolmo 2019; Year 2016 - "Diploma di merito" 82.6/100 at Enoconegliano 2019.

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