Spice Pots Refill - Tandoori Masala - 40g


Designed to refill your existing Spice Pots tins, these sachets are 100% compostable and can be put in your food bin or compost heap after filling your tins. 

**Please note that we do not recommend buying these refills as an alternative to our tins as the packaging will degrade in your cupboard and light will deplete the colour and flavours of the spices very quickly.  If this is your first visit to our store, we recommend buying a set of tins first!  Try our Curry Night Kit to get you started, which includes 4 Spice Pots and our 150 page cookbook.**

All our blends are 100% natural · Gluten Free · Nut Free · Vegan · Salt and Sugar Free.

Choose from our 5 Indian spice blends as follows for your refills:

Tandoori Masala Curry Powder

Medium in heat, our Tandoori Masala powder is super versatile.  This tangy tandoori spice blend pairs perfectly with chicken, prawns or vegetables. 



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